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Headmistress Kirova in Vampire Academy

By Richelle Mead

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Headmistress Kirova

Vulture-like, slim Headmistress Kirova doesn't mess around. Rose doesn't like her too much, but then again, who likes the principal when they get in trouble? It's hard to like Kirova since she has angry eyes, tsks a lot, and has a penchant for doling out lectures to Rose. Yet the Headmistress only really has the Morois' best interest at heart, and if we're fair, she only knows half the story when she chews Rose's ear off for taking Lissa off campus.

At the heart of it, Kirova is one tough old bird, but she's also right about a lot of things. Rose does need to learn discipline and self-control if she's going to be able to protect Lissa (or herself) against a Strigoi in the real world, and if you think about it, Kirova is the voice of reason and authority for Rose. Just like the mom and dad she doesn't have. It's pretty tough to hear sometimes, but there's a lot of truth behind her words.

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