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Mia Rinaldi in Vampire Academy

By Richelle Mead

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Mia Rinaldi

These students might be vampires and have magical powers, but that doesn't mean they don't have their fair share of boy drama and mean girls. Right from the get-go, Mia despises Lissa and Rose. At first, the girls think it's just about Lissa's ex and Mia's current BF, Aaron, but then Christian breaks the news to Lissa that it actually goes back a lot further than that.

Try a couple years back, back before the girls left. It turns out Mia hooked up with Lissa's older bro, Andre, and he wasn't the biggest gentleman about it. Sure, we feel sorry for her at first, but once she keeps backstabbing her way through school, it's hard to keep it up.

But it's not just Mia's boyfriends or rumor-spinning that land her in hot water with the girls. In fact, one of Rose's biggest problems with Mia (aside from the fact that Mia hates her BFF) is that Mia pretends to be something she's not. She wears Target and tries to pass it off as Stella McCartney; she says she's a royal when her parents are cleaners. There's nothing wrong with any of these things, but Rose can't stand that Mia pretends to be something she's not.

Listen to how Rose puts it: "But, much like with Target, it became another matter altogether when someone was trying to pass herself off as something else. And in the week that I'd been here, I'd picked up on how desperately Mia wanted to fit in with the school elite" (6.52). We can second that. There are more important things than being popular and royal—you've got to be true to yourself. Too bad no one ever told Mia that.

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