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Vampire Academy Chapter 1

By Richelle Mead

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Chapter 1

  • We start with a nightmare but we're not really sure what's happening. There's blood, smoke, and a car though, so we're guessing a car accident.
  • Before we can gather any more intel, Lissa wakes up screaming. Her friend, Rose (who also doubles as our narrator), comforts her. Ah.
  • But that's only the beginning of Lissa's problems. She's pale, has dark circles under her eyes, and is super weak. What's her deal? She's a vampire and she needs more blood.
  • Rose offers her own neck, but Lissa feels bad. Eventually, Rose convinces Lissa that it's okay, and Lissa gets her fix... and Rose does too. It turns out having a vampire suck your blood is almost like a drug itself, and it gives Rose the warm and fuzzies.
  • The girls are hungry and decide to go downstairs for a midnight snack, but when they do, Rose notices a guy outside in the yard, watching her. Uh-oh.
  • She runs to warn Lissa, but the two of them don't even need to finish their sentences for this whole thing to make sense. Too bad we don't really know what's going on, except for the fact that they've got to run. Now.
  • Lissa asks, er, uses a magical compulsion to get their roomie Jeremy to let them borrow his car. They are only a couple blocks away and start making a run for it.
  • Rose is still woozy from the vamp bite, so she can't run that fast, but it doesn't matter any way, because soon enough, a team of tall, dark (and handsome) men called guardians have surrounded them.
  • But Rose doesn't give up that easily—nope, she's a fighter, but Lissa stops her.
  • The leader of the guardians greets them with a Russian accent and an authoritative presence. We're pretty shocked when the name he uses to say hi to Lissa is "Princess."

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