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Vampire Academy Chapter 10

By Richelle Mead

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Chapter 10

  • In class, Lissa and Rose pass notes back and forth about what happened the night before with Jesse. Busted.
  • Tattle-tale Mia tells the teacher and he reads the note out loud to the class. It's super embarrassing for Rose, but not for Jesse who gets some respect from his bros for hooking up with a girl the night before.
  • Rose, on the other hand, has to wash desks as a punishment. While she's working, she hears two girls gossiping about Mia's parents cleaning toilets. Cha-ching—her plan against Mia worked.
  • But then the girls start dishing about the fox on Lissa's bed again. Rose thinks again that it's similar to what happened two years ago…
  • We get a little flashback: Rose and Lissa ditched class to go out in the woods, drink peach schnapps, and talk about how Lissa and Aaron went all the way the weekend before.
  • They saw Ms. Karp wandering around, trying to get them to come back to class. Just then—a noise came from the bushes and the ladies all jumped; they went to see what it was and saw a raven on the ground.
  • It's probably dead, so we shouldn't touch it, said Rose, but Lissa didn't listen. She just went toward it and reached out. The raven flapped it wings—it wasn't dead any more.
  • Ms. Karp told them to keep it to themselves, to never tell anyone what had just happened, and to never do it again.
  • Back to the future, Mason calls out to Rose to see what she's doing. He asks her about her reading about St. Vladimir and tells her she should get some primary sources so she can learn more about him, and Rose realizes he's totally into her.

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