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Vampire Academy Chapter 11

By Richelle Mead

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Chapter 11

  • In Slavic Art class, Mia keeps defending her family to everyone in sight—she's not happy word of their real jobs got out, and totally embarrassed.
  • There's an assembly that night (All Saint's Day) and everyone is excited because Queen Tatiana is even paying a visit.
  • During training that afternoon, Dimitri grills Rose on what to do if she runs in to a Strigoi. Since they're immortal, bigger, and stronger, it's tricky.
  • Rose tries to fight Dimitri, but keeps losing. She's doing nothing wrong, but he's just bigger, stronger, and faster… just like a Strigoi will be if she sees one (except ten times worse).
  • When he's pinning her down, she thinks about how gorgeous he is again. Ugh—why does she keep doing that? He's her mentor, and older than her, and they can't get together. They break off training to get ready for the assembly.
  • At the assembly everyone is all glammed up and waiting for the Queen's arrival. When she does arrive, she walks down the aisle and says hi to a few people before stopping at Lissa.
  • The Queen tells everyone Lissa comes from a long line of respectable and fair rulers, and that her name means valor and greatness… but that doesn't mean everything. Uh-oh—she's calling Lissa out on running away, and everyone notices this big slap in the face.
  • As soon as she can, Lissa leaves the assembly to get some fresh air. Crying, she's embarrassed over what the Queen just said.
  • Natalie joins her and says not to worry about it so much. People change and there's got to be a reason for running away, right? It's clear Natalie's fishing for gossip, but she's also nice to Lissa, which Rose likes.
  • Rose says she wishes Victor were ruling instead of Queen Tatiana, and Natalie runs off.
  • She's ticked that Lissa just got snubbed in front of everyone, but Lissa tells her not to worry about it. Rose doesn't believe her and looks at her friend's wrists to see if she's done any cutting.
  • Just then, Mia joins the scene. She's come for round three of insulting Lissa, but Rose makes the first move, attacking Mia's parents. There's some smack talk from both sides, when Dimitri comes up and asks everyone if everything's okay; no one wants to fight in front of him, so they all scatter.
  • Rose walks off and runs into Christian, who has also come to comfort Lissa. She tells him off. She's just angry at the situation and it all comes out on him, but it's effective. Rose says Lissa doesn't like Christian hanging around and he should beat it. (Of course that's not true, but she doesn't trust the guy, so she wants to get rid of him.)
  • Christian's really hurt, and runs away.

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