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Vampire Academy Chapter 12

By Richelle Mead

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Chapter 12

  • Tossing and turning in her bed, Rose can't sleep. All of a sudden, emotions pour into her—scared, unstable emotions. She knows it's Lissa, but she doesn't know what's wrong.
  • Rose jumps out of bed and asks the guard to see Dimitri right away. He'll know what to do.
  • Dimitri takes her to Lissa's dorm and lets Rose in first. Lissa's covered in blood, and it's coming from her wrists. She tells Rose she didn't mean to, but then she saw it.
  • What's it? A dead rabbit in her room. It was there when Lissa got home, and she freaked out and cut herself.
  • There was a note with the rabbit that says, "I know what you are." Cue the dramatic music.
  • Rose doesn't want everyone to know Lissa's secret, so she covers her friend's wrists and helps take her to the med clinic.
  • As Dimitri and Rose rush her off to the clinic, Headmistress Kirova is summoned.
  • Alone in the clinic, Rose promises Lissa she won't tell anyone her secret. She doesn't get it—why Lissa cuts her wrists—but she understands it's not anyone else's business either.
  • Rose asks her friend if she tried to heal the rabbit, and Lissa confesses to reaching out to it, but there was too much blood. Then we get flashes of another conversation, but we're not sure what exactly it is about, and then Rose remembers that she's supposed to stop Lissa from using magic, otherwise she'll hurt herself.
  • Worried about the note, and who keeps sending dead animals to Lissa, Rose tries to comfort her friend, but it's not of much use. Lissa thinks she's a freak.
  • She's not far off. Sure, Morois have magic with fire and water, but not with healing people. No one knows how to do that… except Ms. Karp, and she went coo-coo.
  • It's happening again, just like last time. They should leave, Rose thinks.
  • Lissa wants to sleep, so Rose stays by her side so she can; Dimitri comes and relieves her.
  • The next day, everyone is talking about Rose and Lissa, but not about the rabbit—they're saying that Rose let Lissa use her as a feeder while they were away. It's true, but the girls flat out deny it, and then they look for someone to blame.
  • At first, Rose thinks Christian told everyone, but he says Jesse's the one with the loud mouth. Lissa's mortified, especially when they learn Jesse and Ralf also told everyone that they both slept with Rose. As if.
  • It doesn't matter that it's not true… it's already out there. Later, Dimitri asks Rose if she's okay, but she's more worried about Lissa.
  • Lissa knows Jesse and Ralf weren't the only ones behind this. Sure, they spread the rumor, but neither of them are the brightest bulbs, so it had to be Mia. She's the only one who hated them enough to come up with this.
  • That's it—Lissa is angry that Mia is sabotaging her life, so she decides to finally do something about it. When she sees Rose cry over the rumors, she knows enough is enough. It's time to settle the score with Mia.
  • How will she do it? By using her super-secret banned magic compulsion, of course. She'll get everyone to agree with her that Rose isn't a cheap girl and let them see Mia is trouble.
  • Rose is worried. She's supposed to take care of Lissa, not the other way around. Plus, this rumor will pass, just like everything else, and on top of that, she doesn't want Lissa using banned magic again.
  • But Lissa is determined to take care of it.

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