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Vampire Academy Chapter 14

By Richelle Mead

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Chapter 14

  • Lissa is back in with the in-crowd and hanging out with them all the time, which Rose only knows because she keeps spying on her through their mental bond. Natalie has noticed too, and comments on it to Lissa.
  • She doesn't want Natalie—or anyone for that matter—to suspect that she's actually using compulsion to weasel her way back in, so she decides to hang out with Natalie that night instead because she seems suspicious.
  • The next day in church, Rose tells Lissa she's worried that if Natalie can figure out something is up, so can other people, so she better be careful. Two boys are giggling and looking Rose's way—clearly they've heard about Rose's conquests with Jesse and Ralf.
  • Lissa gets upset and uses compulsion—right there in church—to get them to apologize; Rose is shocked she'd risk it in front of so many people.
  • Again the priest talks about St. Vladimir. This time, he mentions there are stacks of his writings in the church attic. Rose wants to get her hands on them to figure out why Anna is "shadow-kissed" and how she shared a bond with the saint.
  • Another person insults Rose, and this time Mason comes running to her defense, which she hates because it makes her feel like a damsel in distress.
  • When she tells Mason to quit it, he says he's just trying to help her. She knows exactly how he can help her: get her those books of St. Vladimir's.
  • Hmm… who does she know that hangs out in the attic a lot? Christian. She's sure that he'd be able to get the books, but she's also sure he's angry at her for driving a wedge between him and Lissa.
  • So Rose comes up with another plan: she asks Mason to go and talk to Christian. If he says Rose is sorry and needs the books to help Lissa, he'll help her out.
  • Christian isn't really sure what any of that means, but he wants to help Rose, so he agrees to it.

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