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Vampire Academy Chapter 18

By Richelle Mead

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Chapter 18

  • Rose wakes up at the med clinic, with the doctor telling her she's absolutely fine—no breaks and she's good to go.
  • Phew, that was a close one, because she wouldn't have been able to train with a broken leg. Dimitri laughs because he carried her all the way to the med clinic when it happened and she wouldn't shut up about missing practice; the doc is surprised she wasn't more seriously injured with how she was wailing and complaining when she came in.
  • The best part about being injured is the get-well presents. Rose gets one from Victor that says it's a miracle she wasn't more hurt, and when she opens it, it's the necklace she tried on with Lissa earlier. Ooh la la, that's some nice gift.
  • The other present is from Dimitri: her favorite lip gloss she was talking about. Rose is touched and embarrassed at the same time, and she thinks about what it would be like to use that lip gloss while kissing him.
  • Dimitri tells her she's got an amazing body… for healing, that is. He read about her accident, and she tells us that she should have died in a car crash, but she didn't—everyone else died though, except Lissa and Rose.
  • Now, too, Dimitri says Lissa sat by her side when he brought her in, just like she did when they got in the accident.
  • Hmm… Rose starts to think about that. Could it be that Lissa healed her leg when she broke it, and helped her after their car accident?
  • Rose thinks about how things affect Lissa more than the average person—usually things upset people now and again, but Lissa takes a really hard hit when bad things happen. It's like she loses some of herself somehow.
  • Slipping into Lissa's mind, she sees her friend crying in the attic. Christian goes to her to comfort her and asks if she's okay.
  • When Lissa says she's mad at Mia for all the pranks, Christian thinks it's weird because she doesn't even know why Mia hated her in the first place. He tells her that it has nothing to do with Aaron, but it's actually about her brother.
  • What? He's dead, so that doesn't make sense. Evidently, Andre took up with Mia back in the day and took her to bed a couple times… right before dumping her. Mia blames Lissa for that. It makes sense, she guesses, since Mia hated her right from the get-go, except that Lissa knew her brother and he was a good guy, so something doesn't add up.
  • Christian kisses Lissa passionately. She feels way more than she did when Aaron kissed her, but she's not sure how to feel, so she strikes up a fight with him and tells him to beat it.
  • Alone, scared, and emotional, Lissa cuts her wrists again; she doesn't know how to deal with her emotions and loses it for a second.
  • Back in her own mind, Rose knows she's got to help her BFF. She doesn't want to reveal her secret, but she's got to tell someone, so she tells Dimitri that she knows where Lissa is, and that she needs their help.

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