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Vampire Academy Chapter 19

By Richelle Mead

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Chapter 19

  • Shhh… Rose has big secrets but she can't keep all of them any more. She's not being selfish or anything; in fact, it's her care for her BFF that drives her to tell Dimitri about Lissa cutting her wrists. Sometimes friends need help that only others can give.
  • Too bad Lissa doesn't see it that way—she's peeved that Rose told anyone about her problem.
  • Rose tells Lissa that healing others is actually what's making her this way, that if she's not careful, she'll end up getting taken away like Ms. Karp. Ouch.
  • Lissa kicks Rose out after that, and gives her the silent treatment at school over the next couple days. The rumor mill is spinning that Lissa did something, though, although no one really knows the truth about the cutting (aside from Dimitri and the doc).
  • Mia sees this as an opportunity to drive a wedge between the girls, and she catches up with Rose and tries to get the deets about what Lissa did to end up in the clinic. Rose—of course—doesn't tell Mia a thing.
  • But then Mia sweetens the deal, offering to get Jesse and Ralf to admit they made that stuff about Rose up. No dice either, though—Rose cares more about Lissa's rep than her own.
  • The school dance is underway and since she's on the outs with Lissa, Rose decides to go to the dance and some after party with Mason. The best part? No royals allowed.
  • Rose wears the dress Lissa bought her that's clingy in all the right places, and puts on the necklace from Victor to boot. She feels like a million bucks, especially when Mason says he's got a surprise for her.
  • He takes her over to Jesse and Ralf, but it's good news, because the boys have miraculously decided (read: been threatened by Mason) to tell the truth about hooking up with Rose: it never happened.
  • Of course Rose knows that, but they're going to spread it round the school starting Monday, so everyone else will know too. Phew.
  • So why did they make up such a nasty rumor in the first place? Well, Mia told them to, and she slept with both of them for a little extra incentive. Yikes.

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