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Vampire Academy Chapter 20

By Richelle Mead

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Chapter 20

  • Rose is shocked that Mia went there with Jesse and Ralf, but it gets worse: She figures out the timeline, and this all happened when Mia was still with Aaron. Double whammy. She was cheating with two guys, just to hurt Rose and Lissa.
  • Suddenly, things are looking up. Rose knows the truth about who was behind the rumor, and soon everyone else will too.
  • She hangs out with Mason and some other guardians for a while before Mia shows up, ready to play hardball.
  • Rose rushes over to Lissa's side to protect her, but Mia blurts out that Lissa cut herself too fast, so Rose punches her in the face. Hard.
  • She realizes she'll probably get kicked out of school for that, but she had to protect her friend.
  • Everyone scatters so there's no fight, and Rose slips into Lissa's head to check if she's okay. She's not.
  • Christian is there, but he's hurt. Lissa is scared, and she's surrounded by scary guardians gagging and binding her. But that doesn't make any sense… Why would guardians hurt her?
  • Rose tries to think of an explanation and then… nothing. Her mind goes blank.
  • She decides to get help from Dimitri, so she runs to his room.
  • Once she gets there, she can't help but stare at his shirtless body. She reaches out to touch him, but he scolds her and tells her to go back to her room.
  • She asks if he thinks she's pretty, and he can't help but tell her the truth: she's drop dead gorgeous.
  • He grabs her hand to usher her out of the room so she can go home, but then something happens.
  • Dimitri starts kissing her.

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