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Vampire Academy Chapter 21

By Richelle Mead

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Chapter 21

  • Rose and Dimitri lie in the bed kissing, and Rose is super excited and nervous for what's about to happen. She's never been naked in front of a guy before, so she's not sure what to expect, but she feels so comfortable with Dimitri.
  • She notices the marks on his neck for the Strigoi he's killed, and asks him about it. She's seen him at church, and she's pretty sure he feels guilty about killing those people.
  • He's surprised that she can read him so well when he's got the stoic-no-emotions-under-any-circumstances thing down pat.
  • It's not that he feels guilty, because those Strigoi were dangerous; it's just that he thinks about the fact that they used to be Moroi and are now dead.
  • They keep kissing and Rose is sure she's finally ready to lose her v-card to him. He takes off her rose necklace and then blanks for a minute.
  • Both of them feel a weird sensation that has nothing to do with the fact that they're in bed together. Nope, it's almost like they just woke up. Huh?
  • Then Rose remembers: she's not there to hook up with Dimitri—she has to tell him something about Lissa.
  • She starts telling him what they saw, and it's a frenzy. They rush to put their clothes on and go to Headmistress Kirova's office so they can get help to save Lissa. They think the necklace had a compulsion charm in it so she wouldn't remember anything, and it only broke when he took it off her.
  • Everyone is firing questions at her. Rose tells them what she saw, but Kirova thinks she saw something wrong. Why would guardians take Lissa?
  • Then Rose gets it. She goes back into Lissa's head to see where she is and what's happening. It's Victor's men—they grabbed Lissa and are in the car.
  • Dimitri, Rose, and some other guardians race out to follow, but the car's already way ahead of them by now with all the time Rose and Dimitri spent making out.
  • Lissa gets to a small cabin in the woods. We know this can't be good.
  • Waiting there for her is Victor, who says he wants her to heal him.

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