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Vampire Academy Chapter 5

By Richelle Mead

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Chapter 5

  • Christian's parents are still Strigoi. They died—or were killed—but it kinda left a stigma on Christian, and no one really wants to hang out with him at all.
  • In the attic, he asks Lissa questions about being gone for two years. He doesn't buy the whole feeder story that she and Rose told everyone—because humans don't like vampires taking their blood—and he thinks Lissa got her blood fix from Rose. (Well, he's right about that, but it just looks bad.)
  • Lissa begs Christian not to tell anyone, and he promises he won't. He even warms the air with his fire-specialty.
  • Back at the training gym, Dimitri asks Rose what's going on. Why is she blanking out all of a sudden? She confesses she was just in Lissa's head, but assures him that her friend isn't in any real danger. Dimitri was really concerned for a sec.
  • He makes her lift weights and she asks him how he ended up Lissa's guardian. He used to be a guardian to a Zeklos lord, but he was killed while Dimitri was away on vacay. Even though it wasn't his fault (everyone needs a little me-time), he blames himself—the guardian who was protecting his guy just wasn't strong enough. Ouch.
  • Rose feels bad for the guy, so she compliments him on his plan of attack in bringing her and Lissa in. It worked way better than the psi-hounds they sent last time.
  • Dimitri's really confused because they never sent those and he has no idea what Rose is talking about. Hmm…who sent them then?
  • Training done for the day, Rose heads back to her dorm in the novice section. It's all light and airy, whereas the Moroi dorms are dark so light doesn't get in.
  • She checks her email and has one from her mom telling her she shouldn't have run away. Moms, man.
  • When Rose wakes up the next morning, she's sore from all the training. She catches up with Lissa, who gets ticked that she was in her head again, but Rose is all "I can't help it—it just happens."
  • Rose thinks hanging out with Christian is a really bad idea—his parents were Strigoi, after all—but Lissa brushes this all off and thinks Rose is overreacting.
  • In class, Jesse is laughing about a time Rose put a hermit crab and a gerbil together for a fight. Their teacher at the time, Ms. Karp, freaked out. She was nutty anyway, though, and always thought people were following her and wandered around campus at night.
  • Rose remembers running into Ms. Karp one time at night when Rose was climbing out of a window to go to a party. She slipped and fell from the second floor and was sure Ms. Karp was going to send her right to the Headmistress's office.
  • Instead, Ms. Karp put her hands on Rose, and all her wounds healed. Morois could do some magic, but straight-up heal wounds? That was something else.
  • As Rose was turning to go back to her room, she noticed scars on Ms. Karp's forehead. Stranger things have happened.

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