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Vampire Academy Chapter 7

By Richelle Mead

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Chapter 7

  • A few weeks later, it's the same old, same old: Rose is being a smart aleck in class, and Lissa is coasting through the middle, not attracting too much attention one way or another.
  • At training, Rose teases Dimitri about listening to 80s music and tries to get some real combat training. Instead, he just wants her to run. Eh.
  • She doesn't see the point in running when she needs to learn how to fight Strigoi, but Dimitri thinks this is the best defense against them, since these guys are bigger and stronger than Morois or dhampirs; it's best not to fight them if you can get away with it.
  • Dimitri decides to run with Rose to see what she's made of, and she shaves two minutes off her time. Rose figures it's great that she can run, but what about Lissa?
  • Then Dimitri compliments her by saying Lissa would be safe with her. Bam—she's shocked at just how much his nice comment meant.
  • She feels like she can't breath for a sec and she realizes something's wrong with Lissa. She and Dimitri race to her friend's room and find a dead fox on her pillow. Gross.
  • There's blood all over the place, and Lissa stands there staring at it, unaware of what's going on; it takes Rose back to a moment two years ago when she and Lissa saw a dead raven in the woods.
  • We're not sure what happened after they found the raven, but we know it's important because it makes Rose snap at Lissa. She tells Lissa, "don't touch anything and everything will be okay."
  • There's an unspoken understanding between the girls. They rack their brains to figure out who could have put a bloody animal on her pillow, and come up with nothing. Sure, Mia hates her, but it doesn't seem like her MO.

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