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Vampire Academy Chapter 8

By Richelle Mead

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Chapter 8

  • Finally, Rose scores a win in combat fighting. She's angry about what happened to Lissa, so she fights her heart out.
  • Afterward, she talks to Mason about the slit throat of the fox; he's sure Mia wouldn't have the stomach for it, since she couldn't even do dissections in biology.
  • Rose meets up with Lissa and she's down about what happened. She's confused and upset since she really loves animals.
  • Jesse walks past and makes a plan with Rose for a secret hook-up later in her dorm—she's on house arrest, but she'll be able to slip away.
  • In animal behavior class, Mia brings up the fox, just to taunt Lissa. A guy named Ralf thinks Lissa killed it so she can get out of the Academy again, and just as he's giving her a really hard time, all of a sudden he's on fire. Literally.
  • Remember when we found out Christian's specialty was fire? Well, he's learned how to light people on fire without burning them. That will shut Ralf up.
  • Rose uses this as evidence that Christian has lost his marbles—he lit someone on fire—but Lissa defends him. She didn't say she wouldn't hang out with the guy; he's nicer than he seems.
  • Rose makes Lissa promise that she won't see Christian again, but later that afternoon, she feels Lissa's curiosity peak.
  • For the first time, Rose thinks about how she can enter Lissa's mind. She's done it before, but only on accident. She wants to figure out how to view her friend's mind whenever she pleases.
  • She takes a couple deep breaths and thinks about Lissa's emotions… Score, she's in.

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