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Vampire Academy Chapter 9

By Richelle Mead

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Chapter 9

  • In Lissa's mind, Rose sees her friend go up to the chapel attic to meet Christian. She scolds him for making a human torch, but he defends himself.
  • Uh, there were no burns, so relax. He confesses he did it because Ralf was bugging Lissa and he doesn't want anyone hurting her.
  • Lissa stands her ground, accusing Christian of liking setting Ralf on fire, which Christian doesn't deny. Apparently Christian thinks Morois should use magic like they used to. What's the point in getting trained in an element if you can't use it?
  • What's more, Christian thinks Lissa should understand about using forbidden magic, since he's seen her use her powers of compulsion on people countless times to get her way. Apparently he he's been paying attention while lurking in the shadows.
  • Lissa didn't know anyone but Rose had figured out she could get people to act a certain way. Some Morois could do it on humans, but not on other Morois. She's a rock star.
  • Back in her own life, Rose meets Jesse for their secret make-out session. Right away, she's adamant: she won't lose her v-card to him, and she just wants to play tongue hockey for a bit. Jesse reluctantly agrees.
  • Rose accidentally-on-purpose lets it slip that Mia's parents are nothing but maids and gardeners. Jesse's got a big mouth, so she's sure that will spread it around like wildfire.
  • When he starts kissing her neck, Rose gets excited, and Jesse thinks she wants him to bite her. Ew, that's dirty, Rose counters. She's too late, though—he doesn't bite her, but he does figure out that Rose wanted him to, almost like she's been bitten before…
  • Even though Rose denies that she's a "blood whore," Jesse knows that's what's happened.
  • Just then, the door opens and Dimitri walks in, kicks Jesse out, and tells him to never return.
  • Rose is surprised by Jesse's sudden appearance, but she's more surprised by how it makes her feel. Seeing Dimitri outside of his trainer godlike guardian role makes her notice him… and he notices her too.
  • She begins wondering what it would be like if Dimitri was kissing her instead of Jesse, and just the thought gets her all hot and bothered.
  • He gets angry that she's made herself look cheap, but she doesn't see what the big deal is. She's a seventeen-year-old girl—as far as she's concerned, hot guys and hookups are part of the deal.
  • Yet Dimitri won't budge. He tells her she can't be like any other seventeen-year-old girl because starting next year someone's life will be in her hands. She's a guardian, nothing else.
  • His words hit her like a ton of bricks. She knows she's a guardian, but she also wants to have fun, live it up, hang out with cute guys.
  • Dimitri tells her that one second—one distraction—can mean the difference between life and death. Does she want Lissa to die because she was kissing a hottie?
  • No, of course not. Rose realizes she's got to train extra long and hard if she's really going to protect Lissa, and she agrees to do even more training with Dimitri to get to ready.

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