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Vampire Academy Freedom and Confinement

By Richelle Mead

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Freedom and Confinement

We hate to get all Braveheart on you, but there's a lot in Vampire Academy about freedom. On second thought, we'd kinda like to be William Wallace fighting for freedom against an evil tyrant. Even though Rose's confinement is a little different, it still has the same idea behind it—she's trapped in an academy and mentality she can't escape. At first she's physically trapped inside her room as punishment for running away, but she's also mentally trapped by the concepts at the Academy. She has to act a certain way to become a proper guardian to Lissa, and this traps her in its own right. And it's not just with Rose either—Vampire Academy is obsessed with the idea of imprisonment, both literally and figuratively.

Questions About Freedom and Confinement

  1. In what ways is Lissa trapped in the Academy? How does her magical ability confine her?
  2. How is Rose imprisoned in both a figurative and literal sense? What does she learn from her captivity? 
  3. Why are the Morois trapped at St. Vladimir's Academy? Why don't they learn defensive techniques to protect themselves against the Strigoi, as Victor suggests?

Chew on This

At first Rose's confinement is her worst nightmare, but soon she learns to use her extra time to study and train to catch up with her classmates.

Lissa is trapped by her magic because her school won't let her use it, but she is compelled to sometimes.

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