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Vampire Academy The Supernatural

By Richelle Mead

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The Supernatural

Vampires are not real—or shall we say, we don't think they're real—and that makes them supernatural. Author Richelle Mead invented an incredible mythology surrounding vampires for Vampire Academy—their drug-like bites; their half-Moroi, half-human guardians; and yes, even their immortal enemies, the Strigoi with their skin sparkling in the sun, off-the-charts beauty, strength, and sixth senses. Her version of the vampire world clashes a bit with Western culture's traditional perception of vampires, but three things remain centrally important: (1) vampires' primary food source is human blood; (2) vampires have an immense amount of sex appeal, which makes them even more effective predators of humans; and (3) not all vampires are immortal.

Questions About The Supernatural

  1. How is Lissa's magic different than other Moroi's magic? Why is one accepted, and one banned? Why do Rose and Lissa share a special, psychic bond? Why do you think Lissa can't read Rose's thoughts and emotions, too?
  2. Do you think the character's elements define who they are as Morois? Why is it important that Lissa hasn't specialized yet when the novel begins?
  3. How are the vampires (Morois and Strigois) different than the vampires you've seen in other books and movies? Are there any characteristics you wish you had seen in Lissa that she does not have?

Chew on This

Lissa uses magic against people, which shouldn't be allowed, even for a vampire.

Rose reading Lissa's mind is magical, even though she's a dhampir who can't do magic. Their psychic bond makes her more like a vampire than a guardian.

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