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Vanity Fair Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

A Marriage and Part of a Honeymoon

  • Mr. Osborne assumes that as soon as George runs out of his allowance money he'll be back to make up.
  • George, meanwhile, meets up with Dobbin one morning. Both are dressed to the nines.
  • They meet Amelia, Mrs. Sedley, and Jos at a church. George and Amelia are married in a kind of sad ceremony with no wedding breakfast, and they drive off to honeymoon in Brighton.
  • A few days later, in Brighton, Jos, Rawdon, and George are walking and hanging out together. They window-shop, get some dessert, and check out the chicks. Then they meet up with Becky and Amelia, who have been out shopping.
  • Jos is psyched to be in the company of two beautiful women and two studly dudes, one of whom is an aristocrat.
  • Rawdon and Becky laugh and talk about their nonpaying lifestyle and how they are avoiding all the bill collectors and creditors who are trying to find them. Miss Crawley is still angry and still won't see them, though she is also in Brighton.
  • The four start hanging out together constantly. Becky and George have made up since the last time they saw each other (again, because she knows how to handle him and his giant ego).
  • Dobbin comes up from London and announces that the regiment is ordered to go to Belgium in a week! Everyone gets distressed at the news.

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