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Vanity Fair Chapter 43

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Chapter 43

In which the Reader has to double the Cape

  • Meanwhile, all this time Dobbin has been stationed in India as a Major under Colonel O'Dowd.
  • With the promotion to Colonel, O'Dowd got a title, so Mrs. O'Dowd became a Lady.
  • Lady O'Dowd is just as kind and domineering as ever.
  • She wants her sister-in-law, Glorvina, to marry Dobbin, so Glorvina spends all day every day trying to make Dobbin propose to her. It ain't happening. Glorvina is beautiful and strong and loud – the opposite of what he wants. Dobbin is still completely hung up on Amelia. Still, Glorvina is so hell-bent on this that the rumors of their engagement travel all the way to England (that's how his sisters hear about it).
  • One day Dobbin gets the letter from Amelia congratulating him on the upcoming marriage. He is sad that she is so blind to the fact that he has been desperately in love with her all this time.
  • A few days later he gets a letter from one of his sisters telling him that they've seen George Jr., who is adorable, bossy, and spoiled. She also writes that Amelia is about to marry Mr. Binny, a local curate (a low-ranking cleric).
  • Dobbin freaks, panics, and immediately asks for leave to go back to England.

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