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Vanity Fair Chapter 60

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Chapter 60

Returns to the Genteel World

  • Now that she is restored to reasonable wealth again, Amelia suddenly regains a bunch of her old "friends." Maybe frenemies is a better word? In any case, Miss Osborne and Dobbin's sisters now start to visit her. She starts to make friends with Jos's circle of India retirees.
  • She does well. The women like her OK, and the men like her better.
  • Dobbin comes to the house almost daily. The person there who likes him the best is George Jr., who is now allowed to come visit a lot more frequently.
  • Dobbin is the only person that George Jr. is a little scared of and impressed by. Which is interesting, since Dobbin is the only person who does not brag about his own accomplishments nor think extremely highly of himself. The narrator tells us that this marks him as a gentleman, and George Jr. is able to sense that somehow.
  • Dobbin takes the boy to the theater and tells him stories about his father. In turn, George Jr. tells Amelia how much he likes Dobbin.
  • But Jos? Not such a huge fan of George Jr. And actually, the feeling is mutual.
  • Jos starts to live the life befitting a man of his level of importance. Soon enough he even gets presented at Court, which makes him a very devoted fan of the King. Remind you of anyone else? (Name starts with a B and ends with ecky.)

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