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Vanity Fair Chapter 62

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Chapter 62

Am Rhein

  • A few weeks later it's the season for the British to go abroad. They apparently do this en masse every year at a particular time.
  • On the ship Jos acts like a big-time traveler but gets very sick when the actual journey starts.
  • They see the Bareacres family, who sit alone and talk to no one on board.
  • George Jr. is having fun, running around, eating a ton of food, and generally acting like a normal little kid for once.
  • After they land, Jos is obsessed with meeting the king and queen of every country they come to – which apparently is reasonably easy at this time for someone of his rank.
  • Amelia loves it there. She walks around with Dobbin, who carries a little stool and sketching things for her. He plays soldiers with George Jr.
  • While they are outside enjoying the weather and nature, Jos sleeps a lot.
  • Dobbin takes Amelia to the opera for the first time in her life. She takes to it like a duck to water and starts to finally become at least a little bit educated and cultured.
  • The narrator reveals that Dobbin a true gentleman, the only one in the novel (and one of very few in real life).
  • Finally they get to Pumpernickel, a town in Germany. (Like the bread!) It's sleepy, quiet, lovely, and adorable.
  • Suddenly the narrator turns into an actual person and tells us that he met Dobbin, Amelia, Jos, and George Jr. in Pumpernickel while they were there.
  • What on earth? It's a jarring thing, this narrator switching.
  • In any case, they like the town so much that they decide to stay there for a while before continuing their trip.

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