Study Guide

The View from Saturday Chapter 11

By E. L. Konigsburg

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Chapter 11

  • Cut to The Souls hanging out by the pool and celebrating their hard-won victory with some virgin margaritas.
  • No, no. They're just driving home, and Mrs. O and Mr. Singh are having another Deep Conversation.
  • We're starting to get the feeling that these conversations are saying something crucial about the book.
  • Mr. Singh helps Mrs. O understand why she feels a little let down, even though they won. Yeah, we know that feeling. But it's still pretty awesome to win.
  • As they drive home in the dark, with Julian asleep in the back, Mr. Singh lays it out for us. The Souls are The Souls because they've all been on long journeys. They've looked for something, and they've found it in themselves and in others.
  • What is this magical goal?
  • Kindness. Kindness has put Humpty Dumpty—we mean, Mrs. Olinski—back together again.

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