Study Guide

The View from Saturday Chapter 12

By E. L. Konigsburg

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Chapter 12

  • Here's the thing about this chapter: we don't know when it takes place, except that it takes place some time in the spring. Is it before or after the competition? Are they town victors, or are they still just a group of misfit kids?
  • Well, we can bet that it's probably a Saturday.
  • And here comes the real climax of the book. Mrs. Olinski asks the most important question of all: "Did I choose you, or did you choose me?" (12.4).
  • The answer? "Yes!" (12.5).
  • But that's not quite the end. The book closes with fifteen questions, and thirty-six answers. These are the questions that The Souls answered to win the state championship.
  • We're not even going to tell you how many of them we missed.

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