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The View from Saturday Chapter 6

By E. L. Konigsburg

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Chapter 6

  • Back to the Academic Bowl. There's a problem with Julian's answers, "posh" and "tip." (Quick refresher: The question asked for two words that started out as acronyms.) The judges aren't sure that "posh" and "tip" are acceptable answers.
  • While they research, we go back in time again.
  • The Souls are just beginning their march of victory through the competitions leading up to state. They beat out all Epiphany's sixth-grade classrooms and then, to everyone surprise except Mrs. Olinski's, they beat the seventh grade.
  • As the school prepares for the sixth vs. eighth grade showdown, everyone starts to rally behind Mrs. O and her ragtag team.
  • Except Hamilton Knapp, of course.
  • Once day, Knapp burps really loudly in the back of the class. He apologizes, but even we can tell he doesn't really mean it.
  • Mrs. O orders him up to the front of the classroom and totally—and we mean totally—schools him. It is truly awesome to watch. Er, read.
  • After this epic win, it's not surprising to learn that The Souls trounce the eighth grade.
  • Next step: district championship.

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