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The View from Saturday Chapter 8

By E. L. Konigsburg

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Chapter 8

  • Next up, regionals. A team from Epiphany's region—the Finger Lakes region—has never won the state championship. Naturally, Mrs. O wants her team to be as prepared as possible, so she asks them to come in on Saturday to drill.
  • No can do, they say. They're having tea.
  • So Mrs. O decides to go along.
  • That Saturday at 4PM, Mrs. O shows up at Sillington House to have tea. The Souls are waiting for her.
  • As she starts drinking her tea, she relaxes again. And then she just hangs out as she watches the kids help serve tea to the paying guests, which is…a little weird. Aren't there child labor laws? Is this like volunteer work?
  • Anyway, Mr. Singh comes over and starts talking a little freaky. For one thing, he knows that she was about to choose someone other than Julian. For another, he knows that the "other" she was about to choose was Hamilton Knapp.
  • (Okay, coincidences are one thing, but this is really getting into some Twilight Zone territory.)
  • Mrs. O finds some cards on the table. They're trivia questions, and now we start seeing how Mrs. O is so sure who is going to answer what questions. Noah tells her, for example, that he taught the whole group to do calligraphy.
  • As Mrs. Olinski drives away, she's practically cackling to herself in glee. They are totally going to win this thing.

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