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A View from the Bridge Respect and Reputation

By Arthur Miller

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Respect and Reputation

Eddie: "I'm ashamed. Paper Doll they call him. Blondie now." (1.543)

Eddie is worried that Rodolfo will ruin his rep with the boys down at the docks.

Eddie: "Katie…if you wasn't an orphan, wouldn't he ask your father's permission before he run around with you like this?" (1.443)

Eddie feels disrespected because his role as father figure has been undermined.

Eddie: "I want my respect!" (2.122)

Eddie says this after he's already turned in Marco and Rodolfo. Is it possible that he's lost respect for himself?

Marco: "That one! [Eddie] He killed my children! That one stole the food from my children!" (2.223)

When Marco yells this in front of the whole community, he's launching a full-out assault on Eddie's reputation.

Eddie: [Marco's] gonna take that back or I'll kill him! (2.237)

Eddie isn't kidding. He'll do anything to get his good name back, and he does.

Catherine: "Everybody knows you [Marco] spit in his [Eddie's] face, that's enough, isn't it?" (2.224)

Not for Marco. He sees the only way to regain his own honor is to kill Eddie.

Alfieri: "To promise not to kill is not dishonorable." (2.252)

This is an Italian American community. Does anybody really believe these highfalutin' American ideas?

Catherine: "You [Eddie] got no right to tell nobody nothin'. Nobody! The rest of your life, nobody!" (2.283)

Has Eddie completely destroyed the respect Catherine had for him?

Eddie: "Eddie Carbone. Eddie Carbone. Eddie Carbone." (2.322)

It's like he's trying to reclaim his name by saying it over and over again.

Eddie: "I want my name! […] Marco's got my name." (2.309)

Is this the real want that drives him to his death or does it still obsessing over his niece?

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