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Lord Bern in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

By C.S. Lewis

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Lord Bern

Lord Bern is one of the seven missing lords of Narnia who were exiled by King Miraz. He is the first of the lords found by Caspian and the only one who has not been killed, enchanted, or grievously tormented. Bern first sees Caspian after Pug has captured several people from the Dawn Treader as slaves. Recognizing Caspian's resemblance to his father, Lord Bern purchases him and hears his story. Bern is loyal and quick-thinking, and with his help Caspian is able to rescue his friends and execute a neat coup in the Lone Islands. Caspian makes Bern a Duke and appoints him the new ruler of the Lone Islands, replacing the corrupt Governor Gumpas. Bern predicts that Calormen will declare war on the Lone Islands after the slave trade is halted.

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