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The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Chapter 11

By C.S. Lewis

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Chapter 11

The Dufflepuds Made Happy

  • Lucy follows Aslan into the hallway and they see an old man dressed in a red robe coming toward them. The man bows to Aslan and welcomes him. It's the Magician!
  • Aslan asks the Magician, whose name is Coriarkin, if he is tired of ruling foolish people. Coriarkin says no, his people are foolish but not bad. He hopes that soon they can be governed by wisdom instead of the brute force of magic.
  • Coriarkin asks Aslan if he'll show himself to the people. Aslan says no, they aren't ready to see him because they would find him too frightening. He also says that, before sunset, he needs to visit Trumpkin the Dwarf, who is the acting ruler of Narnia while Caspian is gone.
  • Aslan tells Lucy they will meet again soon, but admits that he thinks of all times as "soon." He fades away, and Lucy and the Magician feel depressed.
  • The Magician asks Lucy if she enjoyed his book. She says she enjoyed parts of it a lot.
  • Lucy asks the Magician if he knew she was there. He says that when he let the Duffers make themselves invisible, he knew Lucy would be coming to remove the spell, but he didn't know when. Being invisible made him sleepy, so he was taken by surprise when she showed up in the morning.
  • The Magician asks Lucy if she's hungry. She says yes, and he offers her a meal. They go into another room along the passage and the Magician makes a meal appear with a word. He provides English food for Lucy, as a contrast to the Narnian food she's been eating. He himself eats simply, just bread and wine.
  • Lucy and the Magician have a friendly chat while they eat. She asks if the spell will work and he tells her that it already did, but the others are probably taking their midday nap right now and haven't yet discovered that they are visible.
  • Lucy asks the Magician if he will reverse the uglifying spell. The Magician says he didn't exactly make them ugly – some people might think they were uglier before!
  • The Magician explains that the people admire their Chief and he has taught them to be vain. The people believe everything the Chief says, which is a problem, but at least they admire someone.
  • Lucy asks why the Magician changed the appearance of the people in the first place. He says they are supposed to tend a garden and raise food for themselves, and he wanted them to irrigate it using a nearby stream instead of a distant spring. They refused.
  • Lucy is surprised that the people are so stupid, and the Magician tells her some of their exploits. At one point, they tried to wash their dishes before dinner. Another time, they planted cooked potatoes so that they wouldn't have to cook them later. And on one occasion, a cat got into the dairy, so they moved all the milk out – instead of just moving the cat.
  • Lucy has finished her meal, so the Magician takes her into another room where they can look out the window at the Duffers. Lucy doesn't see any people outside but notices about 50 weird mushroom-like things with stalks three feet high and crowns about as big as umbrellas. There is a small bundle under each one.
  • The clock strikes three. All the "mushrooms" turn over – each crown is a single enormous foot, each stalk is a single thick leg, and the little "bundle" is the head and body of each creature.
  • Lucy bursts out laughing and asks if the Magician made them look like that. He laughs too and says yes – he turned his people, the Duffers, into Monopods, one-footed dwarf-like creatures.
  • As Lucy and the Magician watch from the window, the people hop around with enormous bounces, making loud thumps when they land on the ground. This is the thumping that the Narnians heard when the invisible people were moving around.
  • Lucy can hear the Duffers talking about how they're visible again. They praise her and say that she must have fooled the old Magician.
  • Lucy is surprised that the Duffers dare to talk about the Magician that way. He laughs and says that sometimes they think he is all-seeing and all-knowing and dangerous, and sometimes they think he's a fool who can be easily tricked.
  • Lucy asks whether the Duffers have to be turned back into their original shape. She says they seem nice as they are. The magician says they were just common dwarfs before.
  • Lucy decides to tell the Duffers that they look very nice as Monopods. She thanks the Magician for lunch and runs downstairs.
  • At the bottom of the stairs Lucy finds all her friends waiting anxiously to find out what happened to her. She feels guilty that she left them there so long. She tells them that the Magician is great, that she saw Aslan, and that everything is OK.
  • Lucy runs outside to the Monopods. They cheer for her, and the Chief apologizes for their ugliness. The others agree that they are very ugly now.
  • Lucy says she thinks the Monopods look very nice. They agree with her that they look very handsome.
  • The Chief says that Lucy is saying they looked nice before being "uglified." They agree with him.
  • Lucy says that's not what she means at all – she thinks they look nice now. They agree with her.
  • Lucy continues trying to convince the Monopods that they look good now, and that she's not saying the same thing the Chief is, but they are so stupid and so agreeable that she can't get her point across. The Monopods seem happy, though, and she decides that's what matters.
  • Before nightfall, Caspian and the other Narnians head back to the ship to reassure Rhince and the others that they're OK. (Remember, they spent the night on the island without warning, and they haven't communicated with the ship in more than 24 hours.)
  • The Monopods accompany the Narnians to the shore. They are so chatty and obnoxious that Eustace wishes the Magician had made them inaudible instead of invisible, but then he spends a long time trying to explain what he means.
  • When the whole group reaches the water, Reepicheep has an idea. He lowers his coracle (the little boat he got in Chapter 8) and paddles around. The Monopods are interested, and then he suggests that they try jumping lightly into the water, using their enormous feet to float on.
  • The Chief tries to persuade them not to, but a few of the more adventurous Monopods try it, and it works perfectly – their huge feet are like natural boats! Soon all of the Monopods are floating on the water and making paddles to help themselves move.
  • The Duffers like their new name, Monopods, but they can't quite get it right. They mix it up with their old name and eventually settle on calling themselves the Dufflepuds.
  • That night the Narnians dine with the Magician, who magically provides each person with the food he or she likes best. Lucy notices that the hallway seems much less creepy now that she knows the Magician is nice.
  • After dinner, the Magician sets some sheets of parchment on the table and asks Drinian to describe the voyage of the Dawn Treader. As Drinian speaks, the Magician causes everything he describes to appear on the parchment, making a magically accurate map of everything they have seen and done so far.
  • The Magician tells the Narnians that, seven years earlier, Lords Revilian, Argoz, Mavramorn, and Rhoop visited his island. The Narnians figure out that the lord who was turned into a gold statue (see Chapter 8) was Restimar.
  • The next day, the Magician restocks the ship for them, everyone says goodbye, and the Dawn Treader sets sail again.

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