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The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Chapter 3

By C.S. Lewis

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Chapter 3

The Lone Islands

  • One morning the Dawn Treader's lookout spies land. Lucy, Edmund, Caspian, Drinian, and Reepicheep gather on the forecastle. The land is Felimath, the first of the Lone Islands, and behind it they can see Doorn.
  • Lucy and Edmund remember these islands from voyages they took in their first visit to Narnia.
  • Caspian asks how and when the Lone Islands became Narnian territory. Edmund and Lucy don't know; it's just always been that way.
  • They debate where to land. Edmund and Lucy say that Felimath doesn't have any settlements and is just used for keeping sheep; people live on Doorn and the third island, Avra.
  • Caspian and Lucy are both eager to get off the ship and explore. They decide to get off the ship, take a nature hike across the island while the ship sails around it, then get back on the ship on the other side.
  • Eustace agrees to come with them because he's willing to do anything to get off the ship. He says that, where he comes from, boats are so big you can't even tell you're on them. Drinian says that in that case, it's pointless to go to sea.
  • In the end, Caspian, Reepicheep, Edmund, Lucy, and Eustace set out for Felimath. Some men row them to the beach in a small boat and leave them there.
  • At first their walk is pleasant. It's a beautiful day, the birds are singing, and the grass smells nice.
  • Soon they go over a small hill. On the other side, they have a view of the next two islands.
  • In the valley after the hill, a group of armed men are lying around resting. When Caspian sees them, he warns everyone not to tell them he's the King of Narnia – it might not be safe.
  • One of the men greets Caspian. Caspian asks if there is still a Governor of the Lone Islands, and the man says yes, Governor Gumpas.
  • The man invites Caspian and his friends to sit down and have a drink. They don't really want to, but they don't want to insult him by refusing, so they do.
  • While they're off their guard, the armed men attack and seize the Narnians. It turns out the leader is a slave merchant and they are now his captives!
  • The slave merchant is impressed by Reepicheep: Talking Beasts are rare in the Lone Islands. He tells them they will be taken to a slave market held tomorrow at the town of Narrowhaven, on the other island, Doorn.
  • The five Narnians are tied together and marched across the island. Reepicheep talks up a storm, but the slave merchant thinks he's just a trained pet and doesn't realize he's a sentient creature who knows what he's saying.
  • They arrive at the beach, where the slave merchant begins to load them onto his ship. Before they get far, however, a bearded man comes up and offers to buy Caspian.
  • The slave merchant, whose name is Pub, tries to haggle and chat with the man in a friendly way, but the man is obviously disgusted by him.
  • Lucy begs the man not to separate them, but as she's about to explain who Caspian is, she realizes he still wants to remain anonymous.
  • The man apologizes, saying he wishes he could buy them all. He pays 150 crescents (the local currency) for Caspian.
  • Lucy cries as Caspian is separated from the others, who are loaded into Pug's ship. Caspian reassures her that things will work out in the end.
  • Lucy, Edmund, Eustace, and Reepicheep are taken to the dirty hold of the slave ship, where they find many other unfortunate people captured by Pug.
  • Meanwhile, Caspian's new master leads him through a small village. Toward the end of their walk, he explains that he bought Caspian because his face looked familiar.
  • Caspian asks who he reminded the man of, and the man says he looks like his old master – King Caspian of Narnia.
  • Caspian reveals to the man that he is the son of the previous King Caspian. The man isn't sure whether to believe him. Caspian has three proofs of his identity: his family resemblance to his father, his guess that the man is one of the seven missing lords, and his skill in battle.
  • The man is convinced of Caspian's identity and goes down on one knee, paying homage to his King. We find out that the man is indeed one of the seven missing lords, Lord Bern.
  • Caspian asks Lord Bern about his past. It's pretty simple: Bern explains that he came to the Lone Islands with the other six lords, met and married a girl, and settled on the island.
  • Caspian asks Bern about Governor Gumpas. Bern explains that, in name, the Governor acknowledges the King of Narnia as his overlord, but in practice, he would probably be dangerous to Caspian.
  • Caspian suggests that they signal his ship and fight to rescue the prisoners. Bern suggests not; Caspian only has one ship, and Pug has several. Bern suggests that Caspian pretend that he has more men and ships at his disposal, intimidating Gumpas and Pug by a show of force.
  • Caspian signals to the Dawn Treader, and he and Bern go aboard and tell Drinian what's happened. Drinian wants to fight, but Bern continues to explain his plan.
  • Bern directs Caspian and Drinian to sail over to Doorn and put in at the harbor near his own estates. He also suggests that they hang out all their shields and banners to make the ship look impressive and warlike. They also send signals to an imaginary fleet, making anyone who's watching think they have many ships with them.
  • The Dawn Treader docks at Bernstead, which is, well, Lord Bern's homestead. (That one was pretty obvious!) They have a feast, and Bern makes some secret arrangements of his own for tomorrow.

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