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A Walk in the Woods What's Up With the Title?

By Bill Bryson

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What's Up With the Title?

This book is about two dudes who take a walk in the woods, right? You don't have to be Tony Stark to figure that one out.

But Bryson, with his characteristic white-hot wit, is totally undercutting the massive magnitude of the Appalachian Trail. This thing is 2,100 miles long—basically the distance from Chicago to San Francisco. This ain't a stroll through the park, guys. This is a grueling trek through woodlands America… but Bryson doesn't call his book A Ginormous Hike or Blisters, Bear Threats, and Boredom or 2,100 Miles. Seriously: 2,100 Miles.

Instead, he gets his deadpan on and calls it A Walk In The Woods… which is sort of like if Melville had decided to call his opus A Sail For A Whale.

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