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A Walk in the Woods Part 2, Chapter 21

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Part 2, Chapter 21

  • The loggers drop them off in the tiny town of Milo, where they stay at a small bed-and-breakfast called "Bishop's Boarding-house" (2.21.6).
  • At dinner, they discuss their feelings on quitting their journey before. Although Bryson seems a tad bummed, Katz doesn't care at all—he tried and that's all that matters.
  • Afterwards, Katz returns to Des Moines. He manages to stay sober and sometimes calls Bryson to daydream about finishing up the AT.
  • As for Bryson, he continues taking short hikes near his house, but knows that he's getting too old.
  • He might not ever be able to complete the AT, but, like Katz, he knows that the important part is that he tried.

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