Study Guide

Walk Two Moons Chapter 13

By Sharon Creech

Chapter 13

Bouncing Birkway

  • After that little trip down memory lane, we're back on the highway and back in Sal's story.
  • Our girl tells Gram and Gramps about Mr. Birkway, her English teacher.
  • If you had him, Mr. Birkway would totally be one of your most favorite teachers. He's crazy and full of energy and enthusiasm. He thinks each of his students is a genius, and he totally loves what he teaches. Sounds pretty great, huh?
  • On the first day of school, Mr. Birkway collects his students' journals. Sal's classmates are very nervous about this – they don't want anyone to read what's in their journals. It's private!
  • Sal tells Mr. Birkway that she doesn't have a journal, and he tells her he'll think of something else instead.
  • These journals are bad news, Sal warns her grandparents.

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