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Walk Two Moons Chapter 25

By Sharon Creech

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Chapter 25


  • Things are as chaotic and energetic as they usually are at the Finneys' house, where Phoebe and Sal have stopped by for dinner. The boys are running around, Mr. Finney is making dinner – the house is buzzing with activity.
  • We hate to say it, but Phoebe acts like kind of a brat at dinner; she chastises the Finneys for eating food that is so full of cholesterol (like fried chicken).
  • Our gal Sal is pretty embarrassed by her friend.
  • Mrs. Finney is annoyed, but good-naturedly gives Phoebe a bowl of Muesli for dinner. We'll take the fried chicken, thank you.
  • As they walk home, Sal asks Phoebe to spend the weekend at her house. Aw, that's nice of her.
  • Super excited by this, Phoebe instantly asks Mr. Winterbottom for permission.
  • Mr. Winterbottom doesn't look too happy. In fact, he's pretty much a sight for sore eyes, wearing a frilly apron and doing the dishes all by himself. Nevertheless, he gives Phoebe permission.
  • Totally oblivious to how sad her dad is, Phoebe asks him if he has called the police yet.
  • Later, Phoebe calls Sal to tell her that she saw her dad crying on the couch. But then she backtracks and says that that's impossible – her dad never cries.

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