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Walk Two Moons Chapter 36

By Sharon Creech

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Chapter 36

The Visit

  • The next day, Sal and Phoebe put their plan to find the lunatic in action. Thanks to Sal's amazing detective work, she has the lunatic's address. Turns out, he goes to college in a nearby town called Chanting Falls.
  • They're going to take the bus, and when they get to the stop, they run into Ben.
  • Ben is also taking the bus to Chanting Falls, but he's not going to the university. He's going to the hospital to visit someone, but he won't say who.
  • Phoebe is super annoyed that Ben is on the bus, too. Sal is nervous because her arm keeps rubbing up against his arm. Sparks are totally flying: "Every time I was with him now, my skin tickled and my brain buzzed and my blood romped around as if it were percolating" (36.10).
  • When they arrive, they go to the freshman dormitory where Mike Bickle, the lunatic, lives. It's a very crowded, busy three-story building, and there are college students everywhere, which means that Phoebe and Sal stick out like sore thumbs.
  • The man at the front desk is very friendly and tells them where they can find Mike Bickle's room.
  • Phoebe freaks out and tells Sal she can't go through with this – she can't confront the lunatic. What if he slits their throats? So Sal finds a nice bench out front for them to sit on where they can calm down.
  • And that's when they see it: Mike the lunatic and Mrs. Winterbottom are hanging out on the lawn together. Mrs. Winterbottom kisses Mike on the cheek.
  • WHAT?!

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