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Walk Two Moons Chapter 37

By Sharon Creech

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Chapter 37

A Kiss

  • Phoebe stares at her mother and Mike the lunatic in disbelief.
  • Sal, on the other hand, cannot watch. Instead, she bolts, heading for the bus stop. But she's so flustered, she goes right past it, and somehow ends up at the hospital. On a hunch, Sal asks a nurse where she can find Mrs. Finney.
  • The nurse tells her that Mrs. Finney is in the psychiatric ward and cannot accept visitors, but that Sal might be able to find Mrs. Finney and Ben on the lawn out back.
  • Out on the lawn, Sal finds a scene much like the one she has just left at the university. People are milling about, sitting on benches, walking on paths. The only differences are that no one is studying here, and some people are wearing hospital gowns.
  • And there he is, our oh-so-dreamy Ben. He's sitting with a woman who turns out to be his mother.
  • Ben's mother does not acknowledge Sal, and wanders off in different directions across the lawn. Sal and Ben follow her meandering path. Mrs. Finney's mood and demeanor remind Sal of how her own mother behaved after losing the baby.
  • After a while, Ben and Sal look at each other, and suddenly, everything comes together. They share a meaningful kiss.
  • Best. Kiss. Ever. For real.
  • Ben asks Sal if the kiss tasted at all like blackberries to her. So cute!

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