Study Guide

Walk Two Moons Chapter 5

By Sharon Creech

Chapter 5

A Damsel in Distress

  • Gram interrupts Sal's story again to say that she has a friend named Gloria who reminds her a lot of Phoebe. Gloria sees the world as an exciting and scary place, just like Phoebe does.
  • Gramps is tuckered out, so they take a break at a rest stop, only three hours into their road trip.
  • Sal then tells us readers about all of the ways her grandparents have gotten into trouble in the past. They get into a lot of sticky situations.
  • While they're waiting, Gramps tries to help a lady whose car has broken down. But it seems like he might be doing more harm than good: he starts yanking things out of the engine willy-nilly.
  • Eventually, the lady calls a mechanic, and Sal, Gram, and Gramps get back on the road.

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