Study Guide

Tom Fleet in Walk Two Moons

By Sharon Creech

Tom Fleet

Tom is the boy who tries to rob Gram, Gramps, and Sal when they are swimming in a river in Minnesota. When a water moccasin bites Gram's leg in the middle of the robbery, Tom comes to her rescue. He tells Gramps where the nearest hospital is, and he sucks the venom from her wound continuously until they get there. He stays the night in the hospital waiting room with Sal. When Sal tries to give him money from Gramps the next morning, Tom won't accept it. Instead, he gives Sal his address in case she wants to contact him.

Tom is one big lettuce wrap of surprise. He's definitely not who we thought he was when he first popped up with his knife. He's an example of why it's important to not judge people too quickly. At first we hate him for being so mean and robbing Gram and Gramps. But then he ends up saving Gram's life and becomes a long distance friend to Sal. Who knew humans could be so complicated and unpredictable?

Also, we smell the sparks of romance between Tom and Sal. You?

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