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War and Peace Themes

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Men and Masculinity

Women and Femininity

Morality and Ethics

Society and Class


From the years of 1865 to 1869, Leo Tolstoy spent time immersing himself into the history of warfare by diving into archives, traveling to battlefields, and studying materials related to the French invasion of Russia.

Via Tolstoy’s dedication to exposing the truth, his resulting novel combines firsthand experiences with thorough research to highlight key concepts and disprove inaccuracies that had spread. By absorbing the information in this novel, readers will experience an unfortunate period of war and heartbreak followed by a life that is changed with the help of love and peace.

From warfare and ambition to morality and ethics, War and Peace’s themes are the result of Tolstoy’s ability to invent realistic fictional characters who struggle as part of the human condition.

Uncovering the Themes in War and Peace

The plot of War and Peace follows the 1812 invasion of Russia by the French through the lives of three famous characters: Nastasha Rostov, Prince Andrei Bolkonsky, and Pierre Bezukhov. From peasant to nobility and civilian to soldier, each character grows as they experience love, courage, ambition, and beyond.

Overall, War and Peace explores the struggles of individuals who seek to find their footing in a world that has been drastically changed by war, major social and political changes, and even spiritual confusion. To further explore the themes found in War and Peace, be sure to check out the individual pages that are listed above.

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