Study Guide

War Horse Pastries

By Michael Morpurgo


A Sticky Situation

Albert regales Joey with tales of his sweetheart Maisie and her delicious pastries. But after the war, when everyone is at peace, Maisie refuses to give Joey one of her treats. What's the deal with these enigmatic delights? Could they symbolize human pleasures that Joey will never experience? Could they be showing us that some people don't appreciate all war veterans, especially the four-legged kind? Could they be a metaphor for the impact World War I had on the flour-and-sugar industry? Okay, we doubt it's that last one, but we have to consider our options.

Don't miss our "What's up with the Ending?" section for more thoughts on Maisie and her pastries. All we know is that we're craving a chocolate croissant right about now.