Study Guide

War Horse Chapter 11

By Michael Morpurgo

Chapter 11

  • Emilie is still weak from her illness, but she does her best to take care of the horses.
  • As the battles move farther away, Joey is thrilled to return to the work of a farm horse. Emilie doesn't want to work them, but her Grandpapa insists that they must in order for them to eat. Farms don't plow themselves, after all.
  • One quiet day, a group of soldiers riding new horses shows up. A pale, thin man announces, "I shall be taking your horses with us" (11.12).
  • Little Emilie says she'll die if the horses don't come back, but she has no choice but to let them go.
  • Off goes Joey away from his human yet again, but at least this time he has his horse friend Topthorn with him.