Study Guide

War Horse Chapter 15

By Michael Morpurgo

Chapter 15

  • Day and night, Joey stands in silent vigil over the bodies of Topthorn and Friedrich. 
  • He probably would have stood there forever were it not for something coming through the woods that really frightens him: a tank. 
  • And Joey runs. He runs so far away. He just runs. He runs all night and day. But he can't get away... from war.
  • He finds temporary reprieve in a small wooded oasis, complete with lush green meadow and clear drinking water. The only thing missing is a flock of seagulls. 
  • But when he wakes up, he's surrounded by gunfire and explosions on all sides. He runs again, only to get caught up in a barbed wire fence. 
  • The barbs (Walters and Streisand, maybe?) tear into his leg as he wriggles out. 
  • Eventually, the damage from the barbs is too great, and Joey can no longer move. He rests his bleeding leg on a mound of mud and waits for the fog of war to clear. 
  • When it does, he finds himself back in the middle of no man's land. It's no horse's land, either.