Study Guide

War Horse Chapter 17

By Michael Morpurgo

Chapter 17

  • Joey is loaded into a veterinary wagon and trundled off to the British horse hospital.
  • The hospital is run by a man who says the word "thundering" a lot instead of other more colorful swear words. "Thundering" must be the "frakking" of World War I.
  • Joey is entrusted to the care of a young man named David and his friend Albert. Hey, hey, hey, it's that Albert! The boy from the beginning of the book!
  • Since Mr. Ed is the only horse that can talk, Joey can't shout out his name and tell him how excited he is to see him. He can only wait patiently, hoping Albert still recognizes him.
  • Following an extensive horse-washing scene, as David meticulously cleans Joey piece by piece, finally uncovering the white cross shaped mark on his nose, Albert recognizes his childhood friend. "It's my Joey. I've found him. He's come back to me just like I said he would" (17.27).
  • No, no, we're not crying this time. Just a little dust in our eyes. Move along, move along.