Study Guide

War Horse Chapter 5

By Michael Morpurgo

Chapter 5

  • Joey's in the army now, and he has a new rider, Corporal Samuel Perkins. Joey misses sweet little Albert a lot.
  • When he's not being worked hard and put away wet by Perkins, Joey gets to relax by being a nude model for Captain Nicholls.
  • Captain Nicholls gives Perkins a little pep talk, telling him how important horses are to the military and how he better take care of them. After that, Perkins is a little more gentle when training.
  • Nicholls, all dolled up, takes Joey on his last maneuvers before departing for the front lines.
  • During these final maneuvers, Joey meets a new friend, this time of the four legged variety: a black stallion named Topthorn.