Study Guide

War Horse Chapter 9

By Michael Morpurgo

Chapter 9

  • Herr Hauptmann, a limping German officer covered in bandages, orders his men to take good care of the horses. We wonder if, under all those bandages, Hauptmann looks like Charlie Chaplin.
  • Although Hauptmann wants to keep Joey and Topthorn for his Regiment of Lancers, a doctor insists that the horses be used to haul stretcher carts to retrieve the hundreds of wounded soldiers on the battlefield.
  • One night, while Topthorn and Joey sleep in their barn, they're visited by a man and his granddaughter. Seeing the horses, she says, "Can they be mine, Grandpapa? Please, can they be mine?" (9.15) If it weren't for the please, we'd think Veruca Salt had just shown up in WWI-era France.