Study Guide

The War of the Worlds Book 2, Chapter 5

By H.G. Wells

Book 2, Chapter 5

The Stillness

  • When he comes out of hiding, the narrator finds that the Martians stole his food, which was totally a jerk move. The narrator goes hungry and thirsty for a while, until he risks using the water pump to get some water on the twelfth day.
  • On the thirteenth day, the light turns red inside the house, and on the fourteenth, he finds out that the light is red because the invasive red weed stuff covered the peephole. You can already tell that this chapter isn't going to involve a lot of action.
  • On the fifteenth day, the narrator hears a dog outside and thinks something along the lines of, "I could probably eat that dog." But then he realizes that if there's a dog, then maybe the Martians are gone.
  • The Martians are indeed gone from this crater, though they left behind a pile of dead bodies.
  • The narrator walks out of his shelter and he looks around at Sheen, which is empty of people and Martians, ruined and weed-covered.