Study Guide

Warm Bodies Consciousness and Existence

By Isaac Marion

Consciousness and Existence

We've seen and read enough zombies stories to know that they totally exist. Sure, the zombie apocalypse may not have happened yet, but it's only a matter of when not if. Need more proof? The Zombie Survival Guide is a New York Times bestseller... on the non-fiction list. If World War ZĀ and The Zombie Survival Guide have taught us anything, it's that zombies are mindless creatures intent on eating our flesh and devouring our brains. Or are they?

Warm Bodies asks, what if zombies had a conscience? What if they're thinking, feeling beings. Sure, the intensity of their emotions is dialed down to about -4, while their ravenous bloodlust is cranked up to 11, but they still feel. If something has thoughts, does that mean if it doesn't breathe, doesn't bleed, and might not even have all its crucial body parts, it can still be considered alive?

Questions About Consciousness and Existence

  1. How does R's daily life change now that he is Dead? How is it the same?
  2. What philosophical thoughts does R have as a zombie that he probably never had when he was Living?
  3. How do Julie and Nora try to live while everyone else merely exists?

Chew on This

"Death" is just a state of mind. By being conscious of his life choices and having a more mindful existence, R brings himself back to life.

It's a big world out there, and we may never know everything. R mentions Dark Age doctors who tried their best to save people using now-laughable medical techniques. Who knows what we're doing wrong today. Like zombies, the Living are just shuffling through life, too, trying to understand this great existence we're all a part of.

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