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Newspaper People (Doug Roth, Hector Godfrey, and Seymour) in Watchmen

By Alan Moore

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Newspaper People (Doug Roth, Hector Godfrey, and Seymour)

Dougie Roth is editor-in-chief at Nova Express, a left-leaning newspaper, and is the first one to accuse Dr. Manhattan of causing cancer to Janey Slater and others. He also interviews Adrian Veidt in Chapter K, and exists in Watchmen as the Yin to Hector Godfrey’s Yang. Godfrey is head honcho at the New Frontiersman, a rightwing paper with some unsavory points of view. More important than either of them is Seymour, the last character we see in the book. Seymour is Mr. Godfrey’s chubby, ketchup-stained assistant, who holds the key to unleashing Rorschach’s journal upon the world.

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