Study Guide

Watchmen Chapter F

By Alan Moore

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Chapter F

Documents from the Life of Walter J. Kovacs

  • The first item is Kovacs’s police file, detailing his arrest for the recent murder of Moloch (which he denies having committed) as well as the older murders of Gerald Grice (see Chapter VI) and Harvey Furniss (a serial rapist).
  • The file lists the contents of Rorschach’s pockets and makes for an interesting case study.
  • Next, we have a history of Kovacs’s early life, written for the New York State Psychiatric Hospital.
  • Following that, we have a personal essay by eleven-year-old Walt, which shows us a more human, innocent side.
  • And last up, a dream narrative by Walt at thirteen (Freud would’ve loved this one), a monstrous sketch of his mother at work, and a handwritten note by Dr. Long.

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