Study Guide

Watchmen Chapter H

By Alan Moore

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Chapter H

From pages of the New Frontiersman, October 31st, 1985

  • Remember Mr. Godfrey’s cover story (VIII.10)? Well, here it is, writ large: “HONOR IS LIKE THE HAWK: SOMETIMES IT MUST GO HOODED.”
  • Godrey compares costumed heroes to the best parts of American history: the Boston Tea Party, the Lone Ranger, the, uh, Ku Klux Klan.
  • Yeah, sorry, Mr. G., but that’s where we lose you.
  • Flip to page 4, where there’s an article about missing writer Max Shea.
  • Add to that a host of other missing writers, artists, and scientists, not to mention the stolen head of a dead psychic, and we have one more bizarro situation on our hands.

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