Study Guide

Watchmen Chapter I

By Alan Moore

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Chapter I

Sally Jupiter’s Scrapbook Clippings

  • First off is an article in the Daily World, with a headline reading “VILLAINS VIE FOR VOLUPTUOUS VIGILANTE” (1939).
  • In it Silk Spectre, a onetime waitress and burlesque dancer, is repeatedly objectified for her looks. There’s also a quick shout-out to her and Hooded Justice being an item.
  • Next is a letter to Sally from B-movie producer King Taylor (1945). Her career seems to be slowing down.
  • Some of the other bits and pieces from Sally’s life are: a recruitment letter from Captain Metropolis (Nelson Gardner), a semi-proposal from Larry (Laurence Schexnayder), and a capsule review of King Taylor’s eventual film.
  • Last up is Sally’s 1976 interview with the Probe. Again, the interviewer dwells on sex, sexuality, and the Comedian’s attempted rape.
  • No, it’s not easy for a girl to make it in the boys’ club.

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